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MD 9016 Electrical Field Service Multimeter

Measuring functions

  • AC, DC voltage measurement;
  • AC, DC current measurement;
  • Capacitance measurement;
  • Resistance measurement;
  • Diode test;
  • Frequency measurement;
  • Continuity test (acoustic signalling);
  • Electric field detection;
  • Temperature measurement.

Key features

  • Auto-ranging: user can switch between auto and manual ranging.
  • EF detection: non-contact and probe contact electric field detection.
  • Relative zero mode: relative function for comparing the difference between signals or removing background noise.
  • Hold: data hold function freezes the display for later view.
  • PC Link: test results can be downloaded to the computer via the optional PC software.
  • Safe: CAT II / 1000 V, CAT III / 600 V and CAT IV / 300 V overvoltage protection.

Technical data

Dimensions (w x h x l): 80 x 50 x 161 mm 
Mass (without accessories): 340 g

Category: Handheld Digital Multimeter

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The digital multimeter MD 9016 is a perfect combination of size, Innovative functions and built-in PC communication. It is capable to detect and diagnose most electrical and electrotechnical problems. Display with large easy-to-read figures and one-handed operation make MD 9016 an extremely easy-to-use. This compact instrument combines a high level of functionality and small size and portability.

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MD 9016 Electrical Field Service Multimeter







Main Features Voltage Frequency
AC 1000 V
Other DMM measurements Acoustic continuity
Diode test
Temperature measurement
Electric field/non-contact voltage detection
Current DC 8 A
DC 4 A
Additional Features Hand-Held Hand-Held
Data hold Data hold
Display LCD
Back Light
Buzzer Buzzer
Connectivity Optical Communication Port
Self-Calibration Relative zero
Power Supply Battery Powered
Graphical user interface Bar Graph
Special Accessories PC Software Package PC Interface Set
PC Software Package
Environment measurements Type K thermocouple probe for DMM